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Iron and Steel

Currently, we can not buy any iron or steel, meaning, if you are unsure of what you have and you stick a magnet to it, we probably can not buy it! 

Many people have come to our shop thinking we can buy their materials, but the sad truth is that we just can not do it.

Iron and steel items can range from whole cars to refrigerators, we do not have the space for such a magnitude of things.

We apologize for the inconvenience.  


Bare Bright Copper

Our finest copper, made from thin or thick long pieces of copper, forming one big line of copper itself. This kind of copper will sometimes get a higher price than copper #1 since it's cleaner than most copper pipes.

Copper #1

Copper #1 means nothing but pure pipe copper. Clean, with not soldered pieces, or any sort of material attached to it like brass or aluminum. It also comes sometimes with silver (real silver, not the color) soldering, and it can still be bought as copper #1. 

Copper #2

Copper #2 is the kind of copper that has soldered joints like shown on the picture above. It also is considered copper #2 when it has connections of brass, iron, or aluminum, although sometimes we will separate them with our machinery if it's too much. Copper #2 can also be considered burnt cable, which would be bare bright copper, but since it was burnt rather than stripped, it automatically falls on price as copper #2.



Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, so we pretty much can say this is copper's cousin in the family tree. The price might not be as good as the price on copper, but it is still as good as most insulated cables that have copper inside. Brass parts could vary from shower parts, sink heads, valves, keys, and many more things! We find out how something is copper by chipping a part of it with a saw, it should show a nice yellowish color like the picture above.

Aluminum Cans


Aluminum cans are probably what got us here in the first place! Everybody knows what they are, and we all know they are recyclable for money. Cat food, or food cans of any kind, are not made of the same aluminum, and we do not consider them as aluminum cans. Please don't mix them with these type of cans.

Aluminum Rims

Although not all rims are made of aluminum, we do take these ones as long as they do not have the tire on them still. 

Aluminum Cast

Aluminum cast is pretty much everything that is made of aluminum, from window frames, to pistons and engine heads. Although, keep in mind some parts of the car are made of iron. 

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel it's shiny, and sometimes the magnet sticks to it very slightly, which is where the "steel" part of the name comes from. Although we do not by steel or iron, stainless steel is still one of the many materials we do buy. 

Electrical Wire

Electric wire is usually a single lined cable that has a bigger percentage of copper than plastic, like the picture shown above. It doesn't matter how thick the cable is, as long as the plastic around the copper is less than the copper itself, and it's a single layer, it is considered electrical wire. 

Alarm Cable

 The alarm cable has 65% of copper, making it a little less valuable than the electric cable, but is still on the top charts on value. These usually come with double insulation like the picture above. 

Phone Cable

This cable has 45% of copper under the insulated layer. Usually found on high speed internet and phone connections. 

Extension Cords

 This is the common extension cord usually found at home or work. This cable has a 25% of copper, because these cables need more insulation since they are use at places where people live or work. 

Computer Cable

 All kinds of computer cable fall into this category, you can check on this picture if any of your cables look like them. 

TV Cable

 TV Cable also known as Coaxial, has one of the most plastic percentages on cables, making it one of the cheapest cables on our list.

Radiator Aluminum w/ Copper

These radiators are found in A/C systems in houses, they are mainly of aluminum on the outside, but have pipes of Copper #1 inside of them, making them more valuable than just aluminum.

Radiator (Brass)

The radiator that comes out of cars are made of brass, and usually look like the one on the picture above. 


Electric Motors

Electric motors come in AC systems as well, they are full of copper inside, but is nearly impossible to take it out without the proper equipment, since the outside if made of iron, we buy it at a really cheap price.